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People with negative attitudes are poisionus try to avoid them.
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But again if u have a chance of putting hi/her to positive side , then utilize it
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No u donot need to run away from them just try to know y their like that may something is eating them which can be solved

Try to understand what they passthrough cos some people are in that way cos of their background or what they passthrough in life yet if u cm to kno them and be of help some changes can happen
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Some times life gets too hard for us in some situations that we need to give up them.Sometimes things become too dificult and out of our control.

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No because some times l do guide some doing wrong where neccessary
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For example one can meet some one stealing and insteady of running away one should guide him or her that stealing is baf
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No you can't run away from evil , instead you fight against it in order to get rid of it,if you don't remove it, it will come again and again, so you have to first crash it.
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Sometimes strangers comes in ourlife for good so if you run away from every stranger you see then you are not far from being a ghost
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When you meet a negative person ,don't just walk,run away

Some people are so negative that they are so bad to be with and to be next to. So such people should be avoided.

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Sometimes things aren’t the way they seemed like at first sight…so it’s worth it to look behind the scenes. And maybe being a role model, spreading positivity, could bring a change into someone’s life and mindset…ain’t that the best proof for positive things?!?
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In the world we are we meet different kinds of people including negative and positive but I think if u find some one with negative mindset don't run away from him or her give them time learn them keep on advising them till they their mindset change positively.
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