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True, because the creator above all can listen and answer your prayers in miracle way
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Si la vie devient difficile ,c'est parce que quelque part on a violé une loi ou une règle de conduite au moment où on pensait que cela allait bien.
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To live is to fight so to live abalanced life u have to meet ups and downs .
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We admit that life is so hard but what can we do.the best we can do is to trust in God for the best we should have faith in God alone ,because God never forgets the needy neither does He forsake.
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Yes do pass through alot on this earth but donot mean to give up u need to be patient keep trying one day u have to make it.
And iknow once u have God and patience you ll make it . remember u have to suffer to be good
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Ofcourse life changes every moment but what we need to do it's to accept and move on and if you find there's anything you can do just do it so that your life changes my dia so always be positive
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When things get tough, you kneel down and plead with the Almighty for help and he will intervene in your situation at the right time. The Bible says in Isaiah 62:6_7 says I have placed my my watch men on your walls to watch over you day and night and you who believe in God give God no rest till he establish you as the praise of Jerusalem. We have to ask, seek and knock and doors will be opened unto you,ask and you will find, ask and you will be given. So believe in God and have faith.
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Life has never been easy at all because jobs have been scarse because those who got jobs long a time ago before i was born are still in offices so no chance for others to get servival. So life is hard. No way you can invest without savings , every thing you earn you spend it. So life was not easy but we try by all means to save little and invest after all .after getting crepto currency yem atleast this time its our time also to invest in yem and yield big in the near future also to shine a bit in this world.
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That is true if there is an alternative for life you can think of taking that root but there is no, so you have to do what it takes to overcome life problem.
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If life gets too hard to stand ,kneel.

Some times life gets too hard for us in some situations that we need to give up them.Sometimes things become too dificult and out of our control.

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Never give up on challenges or else you will never win anything in life.
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For example when you find that you do not have oney to satisfy human rights you need to kneel down and you pray to God
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