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If you think big you grow big, every thing we need is in our minds. Our minds are like bank accounts what you deposit there is what you withdraw
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I think every do think cos if u donot think u may not kno what to do next

Through things u can make plans of value
How some do think negative
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Yes because lf you donot think twice before doing something you may end up doing wrong
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Some time we fell to do what we have to, simply we don't give them a try, thinking that it's hard, but if you give it try you will find it easier.
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That's very true. people tend to be lazy about thinking hard and deep, but why is it so crazy and common to most people?
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Thinking is the hardest work there is.this is the probabe reason why so few engage in it

Mathemetics subject is done more so by people who think alot .Is this the teason as to why it is done by few

How do you vote?

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No ! Mathematicians do not think a lot but they use formulas and concepts to derive to answers.
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