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It is good before employing someone in an area of work try to examine the person to his or her capability.
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Just it needs to set for him/her a short discussion and know what could be the make challenge and comfort him
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We should respect each other every person wether rich or poor needs each other for life to move on well.
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Employers lack asense of handling employees because when i have a company what i can do is to tap the talents and skills in my workers then after acquiring the desired qualities who will do the work effectively should be treated with care in order to produce the desired quality to compete with others. The employer should be near to his employees to know the challeges and setbacks they face at the work place and how to handle them and out compete the competitors in the same field of industry. There must be use of incertives to motivate employees apart from salary to keep employee at his work happy . What i have mentioned even are not enough to make the workers happy. However "JOB"means "just over broke" training for a job to be broke . A job cant solve workers problems only to be servants. Nice time.
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The universe contain incredible diversity of life and you cannot understand them within one comfortable lifecycle, learn......each day1...?
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Looking at our local setup in communities, when for example a housemaid or shamba boy asked for salary increment, how do you treatment. Either there is a thinking that someone has guided
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Employees are people who provide labour for the work of employers to be a success. Without employees, work can not be done. Employees can be hired according to the various skills they are qualified in to offer technical services in their various specialities. Once technical people are employed, good quality products and services are produced to benefit consumers. Employers ought to put in place mechanism to ensure productivity of labour is achieved by ensuring good working conditions, provide better remuneration of employees, housing, maternity and sick leave, to mention just a few.
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Bosses dont treat their workers properly . They takethem as if they are not human beings . Bosses should know that workers were also born and they have basic needs, they own families and pay bills so should be treated as home members and with equal opportunities and previllages as human beings. Working for you does not mean he/she is a fool or no where else he can work, its that you cant do that work yourself eventhough you pay him. That why employees are killing their bosses becauses of mistreatment like staying hungly all day, little pay long time, delayed little salary , poor conditon at work, no appreciation all those combined together cant leave the boss alive only dead because life seemed meaningless. So bosses revise yourselves. without employees you cant enjoy your riches likewise employees cant servive without the employer. Therefore we need each other to coexist in this world.
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Most employees don't have Mercy to there down line where by they even think that they can't rise important information to them,so they treat them uncomfortable.
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Living in a society without a job is so disgusting in our modern society coz everything needs money
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Perfect information, really treating our workers well is something that will change our community for abetter future in the line of job
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Looking at our local setup in communities, when for example a housemaid or shamba boy asked for salary increment, how do you treatment. Either there is a thinking that someone has guided them or they want to leave for a better job.

What starts in the mind of the employee is looking quickly around for a replacement and not discussing any concerns or root cause of the issue raised. Then such worker remains in their own movie.

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