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It is not adversible for one to cheat in life because as time goes on, it will have a negative impact in the person's life.
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It's not true because anytime the truth can be displayed however some of our partner's behavior can force us to be in that state
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Those tricks are done by lazy and un civilized people who dont know that we are in computer era .who you do such foolish thing they get you .copy and pest you cant gain anx thing because they know that there is another massage simillar . everything that comes from nothing goes to nothing. in computer technolegy thieves will not servive due to introduction of camera every where so let them stay worned that there life is short lived repent.
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They should read and follow the instructions followed while using this website.
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Do you think that cheaters ever really prosper?

There are a lot of places, some on the internet and some public places that have rules about how thier customers act while they are using the infrastructure they provide.
I am seeing people copy and paste comments from other users. if you are doing that to earn FYEM, you are not playing by the rules.
Please know that if you are participating in this manor, your time here is short lived.

How do you vote?

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If cheating was good I don't think it would have been called "cheating'. So no matter how prosperous one could be but through cheating, its all vanity

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Cheating helping on only those who are intelligent, it helps to know what is next.
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Two ways made an hyena missed it's prey for the day
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Our Almighty God never blessed those who are cheating
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