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Right from the creation of the world God knows that the world will be like this.Of a truth that is one of the major reason of allowing Satan to tempt man.
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correct. free will cannot exist amid good and evil. one has a choice that is to say the will to do good and the will to do evil. this brings in the reason and intuition of human beings!
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Because God made us to know what is hidden that is why we always mind to know.
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Why Free-will would not exist without execution of good and evil.

Why Free-will would not exist without execution of good and evil. God permitted both products of Free-will to take place.

It's wise and important to note, temptation and disobedience in Eden were permitted by God.
And to temptation and deception there is resistance and capitulation.

Accepting a lie and resisting it are all possible as long as there is no instinct to deny one or accept one. And this natural behavior wasn't present in man because resistance to temptation or lie and capitulation were made possible by the Creator.

God created a good world, perfect and complete. He also created man and gave him the chance to choose what to do independently.

Giving man the chance to decide and do freely means he could choose to do good or bad. This opened a door of equal opportune times for both good and evil to take place. Man couldn't choose to bad if he wasn't granted that right.
God created freewill.

Note: Commandment or Law is not an instinct behavior. It's a taught behavior therefore can be forgotten and transgressed because there is no natural reminder as thirst and hunger.

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