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No one on earth owns his or her life I wonder what would have been the situation if this life is being controlled by human being of a truth it would have been had for everyone of us to survive.
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True, because when they know more about you, they can gossip about you
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We nolonger has truly friends it's be for them to see you taking a step than sharing with them that are not good at all
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Year it's right but i think you should keep 90% with you and then you let 10% to be known by your common personal friend
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An honest and simple private life must be the treasure of a reasonable forward thinking individual in this unjust and unforgiving world.
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Bt one cannot live a life no one knows about them. We can never live in isolation coz we live as a society hence togetherness.
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If you put your problem before athers you are destroying your life course they will just mork you with no help.
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Life is 100% better when no one knows anything about you.

When some one owns private life, he/she will never get problems like someone who makes his/her life public. Going on telling people about your personal life may not help you instead, it may continue torturing you hopping that you may be helped kumbe you are just burrying yourself the more. Whe you are faced with challenges, sit down and see how you can solve those challenges other than going on spreading your problems to other people.

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