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In order for us to be aquited with the working principle of pernum so that we can get from free yem, we have to be up and doing.
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Fine one to succeed in this economic hard time, there is need for the person to economise his or her financial source of living.
added by Anonymous 246 days ago 4    0

But we should change the saying of working hard in this generation , to me as we are Yem team a think we should work smart , coz this one of ours needs a smart person
added by Anonymous 260 days ago 5    0

forsure money is needed,wehave to look the way of getting it.
added by Anonymous 273 days ago 5    0

Always working for yourself is the best but thinking that life will be uplifted by others can disappoint
added by Anonymous 281 days ago 5    0

Very true we need to be active in joining some sights that rewords free yem so that we keep increasing our wallets because those free yem will be important in buying goods and services.
added by 1001098163 304 days ago 7    0

The life your living today defines your tomorrow.If you are lazy , just know that you're tomorrow will be very hard. It is always important to have a mind shift, to always have a positive attitude towards achieving your own goals. We have to work hard, persist , persevere, endure whatever situation that comes our way until we achieve your goals. No one will ever come you and pull you by force in order for you to reach where you wanna be. That will never happen. Guys you need to Hussle until you make it in life. If you are investing in Yem , do not stop just continue investing, you may not know what tomorrow brings. Always persist one day it will pay you off.
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For sure we need to plant much in order to harvest much although some times, some people need not to work hard to archive something better
added by BAMWINE MOSES 320 days ago 8    0

When you get to know how to solve your troubles independently and individually they you have unlocked and solved the potential in you.
added by Anonymous 321 days ago 7    0

True, its you life, future and solely depends on you , period!!
Its prudent to keep it in mind whenever one is living his/her life!
added by DEOGRATIAS NSENGIYUMVA 327 days ago 6    0

But working hard descent mean getting better, we get better by chance because there are some people who are being told about this project and they refuse to join, so we are here by chance.
added by Anonymous 329 days ago 7    0

No body cares work hard to get better everyday

Fellow Unicorn members, we have to work hard to see that we add on what we have on our Pernum atleast everyday. Remember this that no one cares about you. At least let us make sure that every day we visit sites that gives free Yem such we add on what we have. Coz time is gonna reach when we have nowhere to collect some free Yem.

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