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There is usually a usually saying that goes like this cleanliness is next to goodliness. Therefore the way you dress will portray the way you will be addressed.
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The bad thought can lead to bad decision, better go slow with two
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It's very important for every human being to always to have a clean heart. You know the heart and your mind, these two things work hand in hand. So if you're heart is filled with dirt, whatever it conceives, it sends the message to your brain and there you act. Your actions can either be positive or negative. So basing on the statement, how ever much you smear your self with expensive oils, wear expensive perfumes and cloths and look neat, all is nothing. Instead what you have to do is to always keep your ❤️ and mind clean and you will be loved and liked by people not by the way you dress but your behaviors and characters.
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correct. the mind works with the heart and thereafter you can always think about the body. we have always be spiritual for this is our destination and is where we came.
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Cleanliness starts from inside then it comes out side

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True story. Purity is first derived from the inner self then finally outside.
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Year, you first clear your heart and soul
And then your body to become a good person
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But the mind is spiritual. This may make it hard to clean which would make most people to work with the body than the mind.
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Most harmful people are the ones to pretend pure kumbe there hurt are full of eval things so never judge a book by it's cover.
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Clear your heart and mind first then you clean your body and clothes.

Most people prefer cleaning their bodies and clothes so that they can be seen as clean but when you try to make thorough analysis you find out that inside their bodies and soul, they are full of dirt which someone can't imagine. Cleaning clothes and bodies only is not enough. Clean your soul first then your mind and heart.

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