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If I won jackpot I will use the money and invest it in other financial investment site
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In my country there are many villages lacking health facilities and a few villages having health facilities they are not equipped. So I would ensure that such villages get health facilities
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Only what we luck is information and ideas so I only build schools to make our people informed.
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I try to first fix my financial problems before planning anything
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what would you do if you are a jackpot winner?

we all know where we come from, we know the community around us. we observe what is happening in the entire world, sometimes you feel you should bring change in someone's life and mostly your financial status cant do what your heart desires. Then a chance comes and you are a jackpot winner.. what can you do?

How do you vote?

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I don't believe in free things and I don't encourage gambling to win jackpots. Work hard and earn genuinely then you will enjoy your achievements.
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