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It is good to call a spade a spade. The way in which some people live their lives will definitely affect them in their career and future as well. As a result of that it is good for one to plan his life very well.
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True, you should still on lord not being worshiper of the almighty at the same time small god.
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We should love one another and support each other because we need to help each other. No man is an highland. Remember to its me tomorrow someone else
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Life cant take double standards , it can either be good or bad but not both. I believe that in any direction it can change because there is no condition that is permanent. Many who have joined yem will one day be the bosses of tomorrow.
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On the contrary it maybe depending on which angle you look at it. Here you went straight to commandments but in reality good can also be wrong.
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Those are scripts, but in real life we act accordingly once you're acted on badly automatically you reply badly, that saying of once you're slapped on left turn to the right is biblical but not real.
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Life cannot be double standard!Good and bad???

Good remains good. this is the summation of the ten commandments, love your neighbor as you love yourself!

you cannot afford to lose your love for someone because they render you helpless. this you and you cannever be them, you must remain completely sober always because love which is true has no conditions. yes we are human, but the spiritual must always rule over the human!
thank you!!

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