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Man is being controlled by his emotional feel. When there is disaster around, people one will begin to feel remorse which will invariably affect his emotional feeling the same thing is applicable also when the person feels happiness there will be joy every where.
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I agree that man is an emotional being because he reacts to different situations and experiences differently. However to some extent he needs to control emotions
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Emotions are everything ina person. From how we talk, movements, think and act etc all are driven by emotions. However women are more emotional than men.
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You react according to what life is directing you to, we are not self driven but we are automatic driven according to life status , some times you end up what you are with out acknowledging .
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Really we should be very carefull about our emotions and to control it because sometimes it can cause some problem to our life.
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Our emotions display a real picture of what we really are. They exhibit a picture of what we really feel and experience.

And if we don't respond according to our emotions, we pretend. Trying to feel the way we don't really feel or pretending to be what we are not.

Our emotions make us what we really are. For example if someone slaps you, your emotional response is to hit them back. The impulse to retaliate is produced by the brain from a stimulus which causes pain and its intensity depends on that of the stimulus.

The emotion to
retaliate or fight back is natural however not necessarily needed in some conditions like murder because it can cause great bodily damage.

The way we feel is always the way we behave, its hard to hide our feelings because they really hurt if not satisfied.
Telling someone to keep cool or care not about what they experience especially when it's bad is an artificial doctrine or taught behavior. It's not helpful to give comfort by words or hope, because these don't directly influence emotions or eliminate a wound.

The ultimate mechanism is eradication of what causes a bad experience or feeling, it can be sickness or wound on the body but mere words or hope cannot terminate bad feelings if the cause is not eliminated. It's like giving sweet to a crying baby that has cut her leg with a razor blade in order to soothe her. The sweet doesn't take away the pain, the best thing is to apply a painkiller to the wound.

Sometimes it's not good to criticise someone for their emotional reaction, blame what gives them that emotion. Always the biggest percentage of killings in the world stems from emotional response, the gravity of stimulus causes a lot of people to respond according to what and how they feel about someone or something.

But be intelligent, respond emotionally wisely because it can cost your life or part of you, apply self-control sometimes.

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Absolutely no. emotion being makes you lose the sense of reason. beings have reason which makes us different from all other beings!
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