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Avoir de l'argent sans l'a touché cela est un peu gênant !!!

Aidez- nous à pouvoir bénéficier de cet opportunité que vous nous avez soumis il y a cela des années !!!
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I am extremely happy for how the management of this company works, infact they have proven to be the number one of the payment gateway ever developed in the internet
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True, however we are still in transition time right now
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Mostly to our customers there Isa another they put us after telling them to pay back money for verification so it can sound well when they we use the money that is our pernum wallet
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Am very positive for that because like this time when my verification got expired I had no fiat but I had some dans on my wallet. Further more if anew member comes to get a pernum he will immediately get to know that yem is real money
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By making verification using Yem, it confirms to members that Yem is real money. This can attract many other people to subscribe to pernum and rainbow currency. But for example those people who have been waiting two years and above, they may develop some doubting heart.
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Ya pernum wallet should start to do some work so that people can see how the use of the wallet and . Many people havent verified their accounts and we are approaching the end of the game. I ague people to for verification
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It's faster and scam free. It brings understanding between upliner and downliner in terms of double payment.
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Are You in favor of the Pernum pass being verified from the money we have in the Pernum wallet?

Are You in favor of the Pernum pass being verified from the money we have in the Pernum wallet?
Years ago I sold Yem through YEMExchange. I have a positive balance in dollars in my Pernum pay wallet. They don't know how to pay them to me. Are You in favor of identity verification being possible with this money? Certainly many people have a positive balance in dollars in their wallet for various reasons. If You agree with this, I suggest that the identity in the Pernum passport can be verified with this money as well. It is nonsense to send more money when we already have it in our wallet.

How do you vote?

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It would be better to use yem but as the project is in progress it still needs some money to finish up everything for better of all of us.
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I wouldn't buy this idea of verification through PerNum wallet. Do you know that you can not add to your account if you are not verified ? I think that this is a wrong idea and taking into consideration that many PerNum accounts have not a single YEM token/Coin on them.
People may have a PerNum with nothing, and secondly we must remember that there are people who have held YEM for years, these people get bored of all this kind of unnecessary prolonged periods of confusion.
As far as i heard though not proven, another verification is looming.....i don't speak for this foundation and this is what i heard.
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Your suggestion is like someone who wants free things always. The team behind the verification exercise under SafeIdent has to be paid in cash money not yem. Wait when all the regulations are done for what you want to happen.
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Being a yem holder of three years with out any thing ,no yem because it's scarce but expecting some things instead of positive information now re-valifction!.
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