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Life without Jesus Christ is life less meanwhile every one has of us has to embrace Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal saviour.
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My father and mother they divorced when I was in in the tomb of my mom then after that we shifted from where we was then after that my dad abandoned me when I was having like 5years I grew up by the grace of God/Jesus.
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I believe in Jesus our savior who died for us and our seens however we need to understand that our success is not by miracles. Remember destiny is not a matter of chance but choice
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Do You Have Everything When You Have Jesus In Your Life?

Do You Have Everything When You Have Jesus?

The shortest and logical answer is No.

You have life in its fullness (Col2:10) but not everything in its fullness according to the life of this world. It's crucial to know and understand that some parts of scriptures don't apply in this life, there are so many hyperboles of Jesus that don't really point to this life as , "Anything asked in my name shall be granted", "Whoever obeys my teachings will never die". If anything is granted that is asked in Jesus name, do you think there would be any poor or suffering Christians?

It is important to note that these sayings refer to spiritual life outside this life and world, people still die in this world. Believers and unbelievers alike.

Having Christ or being saved doesn't guarantee the ownership of everything here, does a person who has everything still work, run short of basic needs of life, fall sick, cry and suffer?
And you cannot have everything in this world, the bible is pointing to heaven in this case.

It takes minutes to confess Christ but it takes deep thinking to know and understand these things.
If you interpret this verse the way it is, the world will automatically disapprove you, events will not happen as you believe or think and this is God's will.

It's funny and confusing God doesn't desire everything in the word yet he permitted the occurrence of everything in the world.

Finally, you don't have everything, you don't own everything even though you have Jesus in this world.
You can only have everything in heaven but not in this life therefore, plan and work diligently to archive many things.

How do you vote?

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People pray every day and don't work. But may be praying proves that they have Jesus in their life but they have no money.
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It needs some things else to understand what you're believing cose has it way of worship and it's open him to know how some one with Jesus says it's enough and those with budder saying it's ok so it's up to you to know what straight pass.
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Jesus was a messenger of Allah and He used to serve Allah
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