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Of a truth women world is a bit becoming so interesting because it is now drawing a lot of people attention to it. Imagine Quater 2022 world which even draw people's attention too.
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Yes because the competition have been not easy for some of these leading teams
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The women's world cup is hard to predict because they do not have soccer power houses and even in their rankings are not consistent.
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Yeah for instance some small teams like Africa have won big teams like Spain, Portugal and among others.
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It's true
I agree with you because even me there are days i try and fail to win.
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And it's so hard to predict a week team can over come a powerful on so no one is week team this time round.
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Yes it's true these game are hard to predict but once you pass it eeehhh you really smile forsure
added by AHIMBISIBWE EMMANUEL 355 days ago 5    0

It's quite a technical , challenging , and competitive world cup , more so African women showing fantastic skills, to me the trophy is for African ladies
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Because all teams are working hard. So hard to predict who wins the game before to ends. There are some members in this family who missed participating in the previous match and are so excited.
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I thank God for blessing with 200$ plus because these game have been not easy to predict.
added by AHIMBISIBWE EMMANUEL 356 days ago 6    0

Yes it's true some times we don't expect a draw but I o find out, the draw comes in, this is game of chances.
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Forsure, this world cup is been tricky according to my side because sometimes, there are days of which I get no game collect but atleast I have got something good I thank God

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