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Mane is a good football player who has played for a good number of years in Liverpool club before leaving the club. He is indeed a great legend in football.
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He is kind guy and needs his country to grow up. He is patriotic
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It's true I really appreciate SADIO MANE'S heart of giving and not forgetting where he came from. Great respect.
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This kind of good gesture for a world football star like sadio Mane to his people in Senegal republic by offering to build for them such great school and medical facilities for his people is highly commendable and appreciated. A big thanks to this African soccer star. Big up man !
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Sincerely I don't know much about him nor much about sports but I made this comment to learn more and get to know about him. Thanks
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Yes because he has made it to prove that even in Africa as a continent has people who can be helpful to the nation we black people we don't believe in our selves
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But Ugandan we have the case from our great grand ancestors even if someone had got a chance to get money he/she just spent it in mostly luxurious things can't do such thing with can help the public.
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SADIO MANE from SENEGAL BUMBALI used his salary to build a public school and hospital for free all services are free even people around there are gaining much from him. For sure in this world there are still people with good hearts and may God bless more such people.

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