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In few years internet will be free even now am using free internet
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Of a truth it is believed that a time shall come when the use of free internet for browsing will be used free and it will become the talk of the day.
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Yes I do believe in it because the business is going to be driven by internet this means all nations will need to offer free internet service to earn more taxes
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I believe in few years to come internet will be something because the more year we go changes keeps on coming
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It's very true. Coz in some like Switzerland,US. CANADA etc already have the free Internet... though it will take some time for it to be delivered to my country UGANDA I strongly believe we to shall make it
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I agree that the world will be having a world with free internet services since it has proved to be a basic necessity in the world.
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Because even now in the abroad their using wi-fi now let's get flash back 25years ago people who was having a phone he/she was a rich one but these days you find even a kid having a phone that shows that in the future you will find that even a kid will be having iPhone
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yes i also saw it near future internet is free no need to do recharge every month
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We are in digital era so we are transforming into digital where everything should be fully digitalised. Therefore we need free internet to access all services
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As they say that what comes in the people with a prove seen the computers with support of
data and some ingredients in the outcome
you say yes

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Any way when you follow how things are moving on in world of today eg the Nesara and Gesara nther is doubt reason being the world is moving a head no back.

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As it was on airtime at first it was too high but as time goes on it slows down to what it is now, like wise dat the more the user the lower the price.
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I really have a strong feeling and hope in future that internet will almost be like free compared to today because today you can just open a certain VPN and it can even help to send messages on social media. The future is brighter.

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I don't like the idea of free concept for everyone. For one thing, who will bear the cost of making available such service for free. And see how people have misused the social media to troll, intimidate, hate speech etc. On top of that if internet is free one can imagine how the negative forces will take total control in a big way.
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