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Descrimination is a great disease being displayed by a lot of people meanwhile it is not good to descriminate
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It's all over the world and in every day situation
Our good Lord to help us and follow His teaching of all humanity
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True, its clear when it comes to the ideas someone may fail to understand it in a group, this can discriminate him/her from the group
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You can not avoid discrimination because it's human ,even if in our family we can discriminate one another.
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It's true discrimination is everywhere and most people practice it indirectly and others do it directly and willing. Buy its worse when it comes to church..
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Discrimination it is every where because even in the family you find out that their is child whom a father or a mother discriminate so everything we give it to God.
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it is awalys being happen wholeover such sectors so that people may know the real value and importance to them so that they can change their lives aswell as their economical lives which in turns improves the level of their wellbeing ,thus increasing the economic status and satifaction to their countries .generally it has been good for us all.
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It's true coz I don't think you would be discriminated if you stayed in your apartment for the whole day
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It's a fact that discrimination exists every whare but it is not a good practice. I think we we should do everything thing possible to eliminate it. We should not discriminate each other
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this's so based on tribe and religpus defferenciss and some times politics is yet another problem to be considered as another issue

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Because everywhere there is tribalism such things have to happen but God made people to be together and love each other so we should

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Discrimination exist everywhere on the planet. It's have different form only
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Discrimination is being existing every where

With following news and stories, we listen fully know that discrimination is occurring every where whether in schools, churches,governments and social world.

How do you vote?

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In some societies in the world do portray some level of justice depending on how you look at it. I don't believe there is injustice everywhere in society in the whole world.
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