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Social media has widen the mindset of local people and urban ones
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Social media misinform the public most of the time
But can be good if the information is first screened and scrutinized for public consumption
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Socle midia is the sose of reliable information which everyone runs for, then when if isn't reliable it can destroy everything., So you have to be careful with it.
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Social media has done big negative mostly to youths where by it helped them practice what trends on Media ending up copying bad behavior practiced on
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Social media has impacted the community negatively

One of the most significant negative impact of social media is that has been the spread of misinformation. Social media platforms have become a breeding ground for fake news and conspiracy theories, which can spread rapidly and have real-world consequences.

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This depends on which angles you look at it. Others will argue that it has more positives than negatives.
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