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Morden technology has helped people to know news acrossing all of the world.
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Technologies are becoming increasingly complicated and increasingly interconnected. Cars, airplanes, medical devices, financial transactions, and electricity systems all rely on more computer software than they ever have before, making them seem both harder to understand and, in some cases, harder to control.

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I like the present day modern technology.Of a truth it has improved science in diverse means.
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Mordern technology has benefited the world to the extent that even digital currencies are used instead of paper money.
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Technology has helped to widen international relations through business and many more
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We agree with the above but much as modern technology has improved productivity and efficiency, it has also created job losses and an inactive labour market.
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Everything has gone digitally with has made life more easier than ever.
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Modern technology has sharpened our minds and made us to think higher for what is coming in next years
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What has Modern technology benefited the world?

Increased productivity and efficiency

Modern technology boosts productivity as well as the efficiency of human activities, as it allows us to perform tasks in less time. Meanwhile, thanks to the huge amount of information available, better decisions can be made, and human error reduced.

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