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investing is much better than saving because returns on investment is bigger than from saving
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Both saving and investment serves as an avenue of generating more money for future use
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When u invest /save u create a bright future for yo self and a bright future for yo family coz not every one has got the heart of saving
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Investing is more good than saving because when you invest in righteous goods like yem , you need to use little many but you can earn more in future
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Both are important and should be considered in the day to day life. However we should acknowledge that investment earns more than saving.
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You fast save them invest, because investment needs some big amount, but investment is most important to understand by investing you ann but by saving you don't.
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Benefits of investing Vs saving

Saving and investing are both important components of a healthy financial plan. Saving provides a safety net and a way to achieve short-term goals, while investing has the potential for higher long-term returns and can help achieve long-term financial goals.

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