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I suggest that in order to have increased our earning and income they admin behind safezone would have created another platform where members would have earned more money
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Blogging yes but there are other sights that are also good for earning like pro or no. Like wazzub and many more but we need datails of those companies and how they work and even how to join them and get skilled to improve our income.
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To invest in digital assets especially YEM with time success will be the song to sing
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Blogging is good if you have the time and a wide spectrum of topics and ideas to engage in. You can surely earn massively.
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It's true we can change our life if we mind what we have or surrounded us same we have opportunities around us but we can't utilize it.
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I wish I can get away of blogging and get some money
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What should be done to improve on our income?

Use your hobbies to earn income.

Blogging is a great hobby to turn into a part-time or full-time occupation and make money online. It can be done anytime and anywhere and requires minimum investment

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