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Your everyday money on top that can changes the life for people for the future in worldwide, because it's digital currency
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There is need for MTN to develop as quick as possible, this is because they have proven to be the first telecommunication network in diaspora.
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Mtn and other telecommunication companies will make more more than ever because everything is digitalised and money will migrate from paper to digital and first land on mobile and other devices as digital finally to gold standard.
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It will always be on top coz of it's visibility , it goes with how things change in this modern generation
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Yes MTN wiil have more clients because it is crossed with in country wide and it deals with all network for easy communication
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itprovides some offers and promotions to its customers which makes clients to increase in number
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This is true because business is a game of numbers. MTN has always had more customers.
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MTN is ever smart in their services
Many people subscribe to my for most services like mobile money, airtime,me to you etc
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I think Airtel is the best. Because it's services are affordable
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MTN UGANDA has alot of services though some times it's network is hard to reach in some areas but it's services are sweet walaiiii. You can buy voice bundles and call abroad to your friends. Nice day to all

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Until they improve their network capacity of handling traffic in the afternoon
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It's like a game or call it competition, unlike u.t.l which was perished by the........ But those remind in the game ever compete for service if one does it another follow.
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