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Of a truth women enjoy sex more than men this is because women always complain of not being satisfied sometime after having sex
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That's true, because take for instance if you spend time with your wife sex becomes an obligation to fulfill not enjoying any more, but for the women they start to enjoy imagine .
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Female gender are too shy to tell the truth however they enjoy a lot, at times they call the creator when the enjoyment is too much
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Is it vtrue that women enjoy sex than men but majority fail to talk!!

This is correct.

Women enjoy sex more than men.

in my own knowledge women often complain that men did not satisfy them. this is either they like sex so much or they did not meet their expectations from that man they met.

But often men do not complain because they have achieved their desires in that act! iwould imagine a couple that is truly in love must be driven by communication. this has no shortcut, if i have not satisfied you, you should be able to share withj your friend freely and you find a solution together.
Finding the solutiuon together means, you tell
or direct your partner which way makes you happy and there you find arrive on the solution together.

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