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Yes you're right but only for those that don't follow women football
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One thing is very imperative when it comes to betting. It is not always compulsory that one must win.
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Why must KYC use passports, if identity cards can be used with KYC then YEM distribution will be wider and there will be more participants
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For real women world cup wasn't easy to predict , like when we look at the men's game u find it easy to predict let me say for example German vs Colombia it would be easy for German but in the ladies game Colombia has been a tough team
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Simply we don't know who's who and what can she do when and where, so that's why we couldn't predict just to find Surprise.
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True because every time things can change in playground, it depends on the energy a team have come with in playground
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This game seem to be newly known game
Its not easy for sure to predict the strongest teams since expert players are not well known internationally
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For Sure most games were just a simple guess because we did not know much about these women world cup teams.
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Yembet on the women world cup unpredictable

Most of the members that participated in yembet in the women's World Cup in Australia and Newzeland missed most of their bet because of unpredictable women football games. Most participants did not score high like the last mens World Cup in Qatar.

How do you vote?

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The bets were not easy but above all the predictions were paid immediately.
I made some good dollars but it was not easy indeed but above all i received what i met!
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