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African countries are very far when it comes to the issues concerning football meanwhile they have to wake up.
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Ok here in africa alot need to be done in terms of atheletics because, in every thing we are still behind coaches are un professional, tools to use very expensive to buy, play grounds still local, team doctors half backed and no money to hire the best ones, sports cultural not inborn in africans . All in all therefore african we just tress because we dont do professions according to skills. But in america and other western countries they do the work accordingly by talent and skill so its their daily bread.
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A lot need to done in sports here in Africa. We are talented but our talents are not exploited some times due to poverty ignorance negligence among others. The sports ministries in Africa have alot to do to uplift sports
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Africans we are just emitting the system, we are not the owner, so if we get used we will participate in numbers
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Africans we are always getting last from the organizers , they don't give us first chance
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The process of qualification should be addressed to be of a regional nature and to give access to African teams a reserved number of slots to attend. Africa needs 8 teams in this world cup.
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In Women World Cup, participating teams increased to 32 but African teams were very few i.e only 4

The participating African teams were only 4 and yet the total teams in the tournament had been increased to 32. This means that many African women are not playing football at an international level. FIFA should revise this to give African women a chance.

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