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The game of football soccer is the lucrative business that is booming this present day meanwhile every one have to switch into it.
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Women in the world cup should be coached by fellow women in order to avoid inconviniences . Even in other fields like police and educational inìstitutions females deal with females in some special activities and to all those they avoid interluptions that may be influenced by opposite sex.
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Coz they have mastered the art of football , they should also be self-reliant on how to take the game to another level
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But of the start to adopt this thing they have to be guided to come to standard when they will be independent, so let's they first get started of course to take the action
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I liked the way the England woman world cup coach took her team as the head coach to the final of this women's world cup. She could have easily won it.
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The women world cup should give autonomy to women coaches only.

To make the statement fully worthwhile in the women's world cup football tournament, it should be mandatory for each of the participating women world cup team to be coached by a woman.

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