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Alright, they need to help each other. Because together we stand, but again separated, we fall.
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In our society today, things are supposed to be put in order so as to serve every one both young men and women and as well the little ones
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Die Welt weiß seit ihrem 1000jährigem Bestehen, daß es ohne Männer/ohne Frauen nicht geht.
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Share roles in society men and women or otherwise!


However, we talk about gender, certain things may not be addressed in isolation coz both man and woman need the other. we cannot be segregative to that level that women leagues be for women league. Finally we may even start saying that women league be watched by women. I think we are going too far! We need one another in all spheres of life.
Today in the modern society, we share roles and responsbilities according to your ability.

I beg to move!!!!

How do you vote?

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