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Lottery is a game that is being played by some users sometime it used to favor some people and on the other hand it sometime don't favor some people too.
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I think in safe zone system you can't get loose anyway and once you Lost your yem you can claim it back .
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Among the games to play please leave loto because i played it twice also but its not easy may be if an expert can explain how to play it and win otherwise its hard. So games that can help you to grow your free yem is a.sports yem bet b.yem proof of stake c.yem pro or no d.yem wazzub comments e.t.c . Remember that 2oth of this months is to claim our free yem from sports yem betting. Dont forget. Thank u.
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Read the instructions on lotte free so that you get to know the concept better.
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Lotto free what should I do! ?

Am new to it I have press it two time and my little Fyem are gone should I cry or I want and see the results

How do you vote?

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You can use it once per day for free more than once it will deduct 0.001 FYEM from your balance.
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