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I feel it will be better to barter as earlier discussed as a compasaction fees than it's equivalent
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Yem it's self is build as a medium of exchange so yem is money it's self, doesn't need to be exchanged into anything,
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For us we are just waiting for the government to sensitise the public to be aware of the digital transformation mostly the companies this barter will work.
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Yem will work as a currency and even a mediam of exchange. where by with yem you are able to pay for a product and a service and even exchange your yem with a precious metal you need any way exchange will work for other minor products may be but mojor products no exchange only to buy with gold backed currences.thank u
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For our safety, we need to go cashless, and we need to keep the value of our money constant.
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Let's use the BARTER with YEM as a compensation tool!

Multilateral barter is an operation of exchange of goods or services between several economic subjects (individuals, companies, entities, governments, etc.) without the use of currency.

Multilateral barter as opposed to simple barter which takes place directly between 2 operators who exchange goods/services, takes place between different operators with economic compensation in the same circuit and at successive times (multilateral and multi-temporal barter): essentially it is possible to buy goods and services without using liquid resources, but by selling one's own goods and services also subsequently.

The digital currency YEM is an ideal compensation tool for accounting for trading movements without using real money.

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