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Every thing is very clear and orderly because all have been set so when every thing is over and power is handed to gesara, it will be to switch on and every thing will start to work as it is needed to do the founder will be the owners shareholders and profit gainers and other will be the uses only as you see mtn company and airtel we are uses only but those who bought shares are both users and profit sharers.
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because bank Bene merenti was used to confuse the opposing side that was trying to cofuse yem foudantion
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À mon humble avis si cette banque pourrait reprendre et continuer ses activités et servir de porte d'entrée du yem aux banques centrales je pense qu'il n'y a pas de soucis.
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Same organization are acting as a roadmap in the journey when you reach you no longer need them, for listence when you're going some where you can use a plain and then a train then a taxi, doesn't mean you will still need them again.
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Hopefully it will be back like the case was before
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We expect this bank to come back in the picture alongside other central banks.
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Will Bank Bene Merenti come up in the system with yem ?

Bank Bene Merenti was the gateway to a link between the Yem foundation and Central Banks of all countries. The suspension of this bank closed this link but we are just wondering whether this bank will come back again in the picture or should we expect a totally different bank to deal with the yem foundation.

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Bank Bene Merenti was a fake. It will never exist. We were blinded one more time by Unicorn, YEM Foundation and its leaders.
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