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DEC is the open exchange for all members to buy and sell. Pernum Pay is a platform that allows merchants to accept YEM as a point of sale payment on their site or listing without the need to delay a purchase by going through DEC to make the payment. It is a valuable and time saving tool for businesses.
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Pernum payment has more security than any other means and forms of payment
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Digital exchange center is used only in transaction of yem as a valence but pernumpay will be using in business transaction .
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According to what I know pernum pay is for individuals in business but Dec is for everyone who would wish to exchange globally.
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It needs to be explained!. thanks for that question.
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Whats the difference between DEC and PernumPay

Why do business' use Pernum Pay instead of using the Digital Exchange Center which is the official site for all business transactions. Why have the Pernum Pay for business alone ?

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Pour quoi moi j'ai voté pour le non parce que en vérité avant de faire une comparaison entre deux choses, ils faut les connaître tous or moi je maîtrise qu'un seul alors je peux pas faire la différence
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Honestly it is hard to explain. We need more explanation on this question.
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