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Sure we will learn how to trade, sell and buy on the stock exchange so as to earn more money on the pernum wallets. Members should be active in the safezone sites so that to earn some yem to their wallets
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It is good for us but let exchanges work things will become sweetest
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That's true and it's the good thing everyone is waiting to wetness, for those who were saying it will not be possible.
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Very exciting indeed to hear of a new site where we can buy and sell goods and services.
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Salut !!!

Nous voulons de nouvelles choses alors essayer de nous épaté grâce à vos mis a jour !!!. Merci
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Congratulations let the everyday shop website be launched as soon as possible without delay.
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Thanks be to thd almighty because we are also going to be human beings because we toiled and waited patiently finally we are to cerebrate and jubilete for sure what lord promised have to be acompolished kabisa. Nice time.
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This is going to create awareness of yem in the society.
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Exciting news to you all yem holders!

This is so exciting, anew website called your everyday shop is coming soon.all yem holders will be able to buy and sell a variety of goods and services using their yem everyday. All yem holders this is your time to have similes on your faces all you were waiting is hereeeeee!

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Its an achievement that yem foundation will realize in their metamorphosis over twelve years of existence. so its inevitable not even exciting at all!
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