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Your everyday money on top that can changes the life for people for the future in worldwide, because it's digital currency
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I completely agree with the author, there's not a single currency in the World that can not be changed to another currency for purposes of exchange in trade and services. Even if YEM stands at $25,000.00, all Nations will have their own local digital currencies via which their citizens will be paying for goods and services e.g taxes and transport or utilities.
YEM, has to definitely devise a means of exchange from YEM to other currencies, be it Fiat currencies or E-currencies e.g Crypto currency and Digital currency.
Good things come to those who wait, however, YEM doesn't seem to be real considering what the holders are going through, extreme rough waters and yet they invested their all in adopting YEM.
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YEM will soon be exchanged to other digital currency as soon as they finished what they are doing.
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YEM FOUNDATION and SAFEZONE should think about people who invested in this digital currency, and let people enjoy their money if it's really a currency.
many people are very disappointed with Yem though they can't express their feelings publically because some are leaders.
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YEM worth and Handling is confusing.

Do you think the handling of YEM and its worth is a Litle bit confusing?
it's not economical for a currency to be worth $25000. but without it being exchanged for other currencies for the holders to meet their daily needs, however much they explain that it wasn't made for exchange there is no currency on this planet which is not exchanged into other currencies. YEM digital currency sometimes it disappoints me how it's being handled visa V its worth. no clear economy everything is not clear at all.

How do you vote?

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If you say exchange, it sounds like you can get some things instead, the thime is to hold yem and use it as it is, but if you exchange it you will no longer having it, what will be left? So hold your yem time will come for using it.
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It really hurts to run year after year without any funds and yet you hold a currency. This year is also gone since we are in the last quarter. Nothing tangible yet to show for our investment. I feel ashamed sometimes to mention that I have yem which is not working.
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