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You can think that way, because really when you are out side the box you see nothing going on, perhaps the organization is doing what we can not see. Otherwise we are stack.
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Yes it is areal money but I think they have a good reason why it have yet started working in they purpose.

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This is very true , i remember Mr., Dan saying in one of the webinars that in times of economic crisis after crisis YEM will be a solution but i haven't heard of any country accepting YEM yet economic crisis is taking place world over.
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You are right but still we need to practice some patience somehow, may be they board knows what they are doing, may be they are planning something massive for us.
Otherwise thank you.
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it looks really promising and has my full support! (y)
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I feel it will be good if everyone of us follows pernum with due processes everyone of us will get verified.
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Is YEM really a real money? If yes why not used in partner companies

If YEM is really a real money why don't we use it to pay for verification process of $10 yet the safeldent is part of safezone , how do expect others to accept YEM as a medium of exchange yet your own partners don't accept it? If the YEM foundation can get time and make thorough research why most of the pernums are not verified they would know what exactly YEM holders want it's very disappointing for more than 1.2m pernums only 100k accounts are verified if I was one of the directors this alone would make me sleepless because its shows how YEM holders are not interested in verifying their accounts because they have no strong reason why they should do it now. It's not that they don't have the $10 , no! But they're just disappointed with how YEM is being handled via v its price it is missing exchange for now six good year.
We need to see the meaning of (YEM) your everyday money in the real sense but every program they bring for YEM liquidity fails .

How do you vote?

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If YEM would be real money, it could be used for real products and services. But it can't!
Even the verification fee can't be paid with it. So it's just a worthless token.
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