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I really thanked God on behalf of the management of safezone and its associated affiliate websites especially they had done a good job.
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Same time we don't do what is necessary relaxing thinking that there will be extended periods, but it's good to do things in time to avoid inconvenience.
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Very happy to find that my claim for Yem bet was still active

I participated in the last women's world cup Yem bet exercise and in the following month my verification expired and felt like I have lost all my rewards, however, today as I checked I found that claiming rewards was extended up to 20th November 2023. After receiving my reward I felt relieved.

How do you vote?

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You have been lucky this time because there was an extension for yem bet claims to be done a month later after the first deadline of 20th October. Next time as we become bigger in numbers and busier in the trade, it may not necessarily be possible.
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