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Pernum wallet is the most secure and safe place to keep our digital assets.
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I can see this to be a game changer when more services and products are being introduced where we can buy them using pernum tokens or YEM.
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Your everyday money on top that can changes the life for people for the future in worldwide, because it's digital currency
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YEM, BABY!!!!! I’m so very grateful I was able to come across this opportunity! YEM is a Game Changer
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Am not against but we here that yem foundation is going to shift from America to Europe which military will be guarding it? And if it's yes which is which?
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Of a truth I noticed that yem is indeed a game changer which is gradually changing people life .
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This should be the catch phrase for anyone promoting yem and unicorn network projects to new holders of this currency.
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Yes Because YEM is global currency When you have YEM meaning you have ever things whatever you are
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Yem stands for Your Every Day Money. It's stored on w wallet called pernum wallet. All the transactions made on the pernum wallet are military grade encrypted. So all the transactions are fraud free.

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