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Woman makes a man happy. Meanwhile I advise every man who have marry to go and marry because ladies first.
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Sure, I have just joined a week now but am really grateful to the person who introduced me to this project.
Many people are still doubting, but according to the financial situation in the world right now, people out there should wake up..May God open their inner eyes so they can understand.
Am so grateful
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Ladies first because of these reasons.

Man is born of a woman. He is Educated by a woman. He's growing up with a woman. He fall in love with a woman. He marry a woman. So why lack respect to them. Women you are the hope of this life and the balance of the world. ❤??

How do you vote?

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Yep, all your statements are true but you're forgetting that a woman is a bone of a man
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Simply in Creation God first made aman and gave him all pours to over take everything including a woman so do not wander when you see aman over whelming each and every thing becomes it is under his control by creation.
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