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true and it will not work alone but alongside other modes of payment available in specific societies!!
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Digital payment platforms are now the way forward. The world is changing to this direction. We just have to comply and join the bandwagon.
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Pernumpay app is authority friendly because every body should be in the system in order to share on the bread of the world .
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The world has completely moved from analogue to digital world where digital currency and fiat currency is the paper money on hold. Take for instance your everyday money simply called yem which is now the talk of the day.Let everyone of us embrace it.
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And that why it'll contain many thard party because of it's high standards of technology which unable everyone to join the system, but we don't know if they can join pernum multi wallet to purnum pay? So that everyone can enjoy the system.
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Sure, pernumpay is the only government authority friendly system I have observed so far when it comes to digital payments.
And yes, it's simple to understand, no need for calculations, sijui let me calculate to see how much it is if you are to pay me in yem..No, you don't need these, the system calculates the YEM (Dans) one has to pay wherever they are, whichever country they may travel to..I just love Pernum pay
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Wow! PERNUMPAY! An amazing, authority friendly system that the world needs

Am applauding all the developers behind this great project, my! This person who introduced me to the project has shown me how pernumpay works! And God! This is the system that the whole world needs. All authorities should embrace pernum pay. When they talk about YEM being authority friendly, you can realise this when you use pernumpay. All countries' currencies are intergrated on pernum pay, you don't need forex beuareaux, NO, you only need to have YEM on your pernum to make payments wherever you go!
Business owners, just embrace this technology. No regrets, nothing to worry about.
And to top it all, this system is not complicated, when you understand how it works, it's just as simple as eating Matooke ( bananas)..
I love the Pernumpay System

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