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The saying that “time and tide wait for no man” means different things to different people. To some, it is precious and important while to many others, it is common and available when the need arises. The right essence of time is really in the doing and not in the waiting
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And people who are not well off there were cough by time,if you work in paths of I will do it tomorrow you end up cough by time so time is now .
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There is a simple English phrase that " the early bird, catches the worm " So let those that are waiting continue waiting, they will find us ahead.
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Sure time waits for no one, I believe that statement 100% coz if I had known earlier about this project, now I would be having more yems and free yem...but am struggling now. Though not regretting coz many there will open their eyes when it's too late to acquire even a single yem.
Time waits for no one for sure
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You are very right about what you have written down
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I do always try my level best to use purposely the time I get.
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There is a popular saying that time waits for no man.Moreover, time is money too. The little opportunity you see, utilize it very well.
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Time waits for no man and time is money and time wasted will never be gained.

People who are still waiting to see if things are working, they are being left behind and they will regret when it will be too late to join. By the time of seeing they find the door closed hence international bread will be enjoyed by few minority because of lack of information or ignoring information.

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