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Notre corps est le temple de Dieu c'est pourquoi nous devons l'entretenir. Après une ou plusieurs activités, notre corps est souillé. Il urge donc que l'on lui redonne une fraîcheur.De ce fait, nous devons nous laver régulièrement. Combien de fois donc par jour ? Trois fois : matin, le soir et au coucher.Cela nous éloigne même de certaines maladies et c'est très important. C'est un bon modèle qu'il faut imprimer à la jeunesse.
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even a day may be toomuch coz what do you clean on yourseelf if you have been in a clean place. i can take atleast five days before bathing and this ver health. why, because the body has time to rebuild and all its structures without disturbance of bathing.
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I think healthy is when you live a positive lifestyle and the number of times one should bath depends on the country and also the need to bath and also the seasons.i.e summer or winter season
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It is according to the weather conditions for other continent don't have enough water, others to not even sweat so no need.
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It is meant to be three times a day but slavery made people change their behaviors because one is at work from 6am to 6pm how do expect him or to bath thrice a day.
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There is no regular number of times one can say it's the good one but it depends on what you fill, we don't Beth in times but for the need.
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But it depends what job au doing everyone can bath once a day and it's in which are your in
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In order to maintain a healthy living, it is advisable to take bath at least three times a day.
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Is it healthy to bath once a day? How often do you bath?

Someone asked this very question on social media & every one gave a different answer.

I would like to hear from you guys.
Should it be once, twice or thrice & why?

How do you vote?

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