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Its not only collecting free yem but also it gives an opportunity to share fun with the rest of the members in different societies!
For, this very key coz you gain diverse knowledge from different stories!
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Mostly for people who missed to get YEM at a cheaper price when it was available, so the only alternative is to participate in all activities to get YEM.
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Actually that should be good work for people who missed the chance of getting YEM when it was at a cheap price
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Thank God you're awake! You have been sleeping on a great opportunity
added by Anonymous 80 days ago 0    0

collect as many yem as you can because it will be useful in the short coming days . free yem will be used in buying products in yem shops so those who can participate in collections continue
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Continue kabraza don't worry everything happens with a reason because it's all about changing the mindset then start, tell them that Ffe TUSIMBUDE
added by AHIMBISIBWE EMMANUEL 80 days ago 0    0

Actually some of us we had neglected these free YEM thinking that we had already reached at the top yet the journey still going, but it's never too late let's keep on collecting free YEM.
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If you are just going to start then it's to late, you would have started a time back in that by now you would have some.
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Actually if you collect free YEM it's possible and it can help you to buy things for yourself in future
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Because we should use them as daily income mostly for women or mother staying at home or Ugandan n with degrees with out jobs
added by 1001096869 83 days ago 1    0

You are not alone and its never too late. Just get started.
added by Anonymous 83 days ago 2    0

Please go ahead, do not listen to nay sayers like for they are so many in this world. Just collect some free yem when you still got time. It's a good thing to,
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If you have not started collecting your free yem daily on site like proorno.It is time you start collecting it.
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Hurry and's good you have started, better late than never
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Hoooo! I took this project for a joke, the person who introduced me to this project used to teach me but I used to think it's a joke. Now am panicking, with no yem ,no gree yem, how am I going to get the digital Reward tokens? Oh My, let me start collecting some free dans now

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