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is the perfect place to make a statement and crowdsource both sides at the same time to make up your own mind. From sports, to politics, religion, science, family, technology
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it because much movement of people from one place to another due to xmass
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The heavy road carnage on most of the highways are avoidable if checks and balances can be enforced.
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It is a well known fact that road accident is rampant in our society these days. Some of the causes of this road accident include reckless driving overspending and a lot more.
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We have got many complications in driving including immature drivers bad roads time and jame where by if you find imperfect driver will course indefinitely accident .
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Road accident are happening at high rate these days

These days road accident are happening at high rate because of over speeding, taking alcohol , rake less driving, over loading which may be avoid by the drivers in order to save people's lives

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