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L'eau est la meilleure boisson. Pour se tenir en bonne santé, il est recommandé boire assez d'eau. La quantité maximale est d'au moins 2 litres par jour. Quelque soit la quantité d'eau que l'homme boit, cela n'aura aucune influence sur son corps. L' eau, c'est source de vie. Nous recommandons donc à tous les hommes quel qu'ils soient de boire suffisamment d'eau pour le bien-être de leur santé. L'eau potable bien sûr.
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It's good to have alot of water in our's advisable to drink constantly for good health
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No one does not need water, because our body is composite of water at at list 80% but according to what we eat food contains 70%water so even if you take one liter of water food will top up the balance.
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Actually a normal human being must take some 5 liters of water a day and preferably warm water.
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Yes. i will add that if it was warm then its an added tick to your health!
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Taking of at least two litters of water every day will help to promote good health to every living creature
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It is because water is life. Any living thing to live their must be water.
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As we all know that takes the biggest percentage in the human body, if you want to live longer and to have a good hydration for yourself, make it a point to at least take 2ltrs of water on a single day

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