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O yes , oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yes!
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As me lm tired of fake promises this sounds like we're in drummer
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We are all very willing and cooperative to wait for the due process and we are not pressuring the systems but once you come out of your own making and promise us something, it changes much in us so if you don't fulfill your promises repeatedly,it becomes devastating.

Let's hope for the best

We are proud to be unicorns
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Empty promises leads to mistrust with the ones who hope in you! My dad used to promise us that it will be well when we grow up but here comes we are grown up but nothing is well yet ! I don't trust my daddy any more so , yem foundation lets strive for the reality!
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We expected alot last year but nothing came up still this year the same
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My dad always told me as i grew up never make empty promises. Its easier said than done, sometimes because of the environment around us we are tend to make promises that we ourselves know it must happen but then in the end it fails due to set time. But that doesn't mean that your a failure. Everything when given time becomes successful. For you it might be one year to another it might be ten years but they all archieve the same goal. So yem holders trust the process.
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Why can't they do their things silently and then inform us when everything is ready other than their false promises. People have completely lost hope in the YEM foundation, anyway still proud of being a member and YEM holder but not always happy with such conditions.I rest my case!!??
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Let it always keep its word. For the clients to put trust in the project. But God bless the network..
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Let's hope that on the 11th January 2024 DR/DRY will launch otherwise there should be some degree of consistency in the information given to us through webinars since 2022 upto now all the information given in webinars is not fulfilled.
Better not to give information than giving us information which later fails to get fulfilled not once, not twice.
Let's have hope this time round
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Liquid/Norman was a huge falure, but that happens in business life. No risk, no fun!

Buyback Program is running and real. The only mistake on that is they limited it to a small target group and dont do efforts to sell YEM in a professional way in order to gain revenue. But as an INGO the are forbidden by law to make profit, so i also wonder why the started this program.
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Just to be clear: DR/DRY has nothing to do with YEM Foundation, so dont blame it on them. You want people to trea you accourate? Great, then start first and dont mix things to get people confusesd. Act with with responsebility. Thank you! And btw wait for the upcoming 2024 Kick Off Webinar when its about DR/DRY.
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It's true, these fake promises noooo. We as YEM holders we've been waiting for this day but all is in vain. They need to work on themselves
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yes Yem foundation should stop promise miracle ,and give us sure promises, we need to use yem as regular methid of payment everywhere and for every one
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One thing I will not encourage is for yem foundation to make an empty promises to its members such attitude is not good.
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Let YEM foundation always annonce mature programs coz un fullfilled promises have serious negative impacts on YEM holders.

How do you vote?

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Its not true because for any business to grow and rosper it does not mature with 1.2 or 3 years it takes some good years inorder to work properly. Company that will be done within the whole world cant be as quickly as u think .it has taken 12th uneversary those are twelve years and i hope we are in the final touches to the end of the company formation. Patience pains but pays. Roma was not built in aday. So slowly, slowly we aproaching the end.
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Yem holders that attended the last webinar please have trust in the system.These leaders are in a Christmas holiday that ends this week and after they will return to work next week i.e the second week of the year in which they shall have the opening webinar on Thursday, 11th January where more updates will be shared.
Patience pays people !!!
Just hang in there with hope for the best. Happy New Year !
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