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True because each and every shoe describes a gentleman wearing it.
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It's true because there's always that power that forces people's eyes see directly to your shoes when greetings are on going.
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Yah it's true; the show predicts the level of your income
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Not only shoes but entire body smart ness one can judge you according to the watch, so if you are going out please mind your way of putting on.
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The way we dress is the way we should be addressed for you to be a gentleman you have to dress politely
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Forsure it's not a lie according to my observation, once two or men meet and greet each other, their eyes goes directly to coligues shoes, so dear my fellow men let's always take care and watch whatever we are wearing.

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Your statement on men and setting eyes on shoes is quite misleading. Men care less on dressing and shoes. I beg to be corrected but that is my view.
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