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I just have only one advise. Each couple has to be trust full to each other.
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The best advice you can say is always forgive your spouse.
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The best advice I can give to young men who are in relationship with young ladies is to never disclose how much you are earning in your financial status to ladies when in relationship
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What's the best relationship advice you can give someone

Never do this.

Never teach your partner .... how to be your partner.

Never ask them to text you throughout the day to check on your mental health.

Never ask them to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant unannounced.

Never ask them to make you a warm bubble bath after you had a long day after work.

Never beg them to acknowledge your existence.

The right person will do all this and more.

Find someone who has has always dreamt about having someone like you .... ever since they were a child.

Find someone that shows you how much you truly mean to them with every day that passes.

Find someone who not only says "I love you" but proves it to you with their actions.

Find someone who hurts other people's feelings to protect yours.

Find someone who supports your dreams and life goals.

Find someone who knows it's not about giving you the world, but to only make you a priority in theirs.

Find someone who chases you long after .... they already have you.

Find someone who traces the valleys and crevices of your body with their fingertips to remember every detail about you when they miss you.

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