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If a misunderstanding does happen as long as you live and can be dealt with as follows;

Ask for permission to discuss the situation. This might sound stupid, or really basic. It’s not. In fact, if you ask for permission, you then have a willing participant, and you’ve acknowledged their choice to not talk about it then and there. You are now both engaged in the conversation.
Ask questions and really listen to the answers. Acknowledge the person and their reality, even if it’s different to yours. If you go into this conversation wanting to be right, or to prove that you are right and they are wrong, you’re in trouble before you start.
Find the source of the misunderstanding and correct it. By asking questions, you’ll find the exact source of the misunderstanding. It could be a word, a sentence, or even just a bit of body language that was used. You’ll know when you find it because all of a sudden, there will be an observable change.
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And besides misunderstanding is part of life and it's the best teacher in our life, you can't get solution to a problem which will never occur so after getting misunderstood you get way of coming over it.
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The best thing to do when there is misunderstanding either in relationship or in marriage is to appologise no matter who offended each other for peace to reign
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Misunderstanding is something you can never do without in a relationship/marriage, misunderstandings would come to either make your relationship weaker or stronger, you can make your relationship strive no matter the misunderstanding that comes your way if you know how to handle them when they come.

Most people who do not know how to handle misunderstandings in their relationship/marriages have become victims of divorce and heart breaks, if you can master how to handle misunderstandings when they come, be rest assured that you're going to enjoy a beautiful relationship.


1. LISTEN: The first thing to do during a misunderstanding is not shouting back at your spouse, the first thing to do is to listen to what they are saying and try to understand were they are coming from, even when they are screaming on top of their voices, relax, be calm and listen.

2. DON'T RETALIATE: It is often said that two wrongs cannot make a right, so when they are shouting at you don't retaliate, just keep your cool.

3. DON'T USE HEARSE WORDS: During a misunderstanding and you are trying to explain what happened be mindful of your words and don't say anything that would make the situation worst.

4. SHUT THEM UP WITH LOVE: There are certain things you will do to your spouse that would keep them shut immediately, except if your spouse does not love you but if your spouse do love you, they will keep shut, call them pet names, tell them they don't look good when they are angry, hug them and tell them you love them, stare into their eyes and say they have beautiful eyes or beautiful lips, just say something sweet to them.

5. APOLOGIZE IF YOU'RE THE ONE AT FAULT: If you're at fault and you are sure you are, apologize and move on, holding unto issues without apologizing is not right.

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