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Marriage isues are not easy that's why some you men and women fear to join marriage
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Before a lady will chose whom to marry in a marriage relationship it is always a hard task for her to easily yes I do meanwhile she has to think twice
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Dear YEM holders is the article true or it's fiction
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You got married to a man.. you both lived together, planned a home together, had an opportunity to make babies.

You had kids and then moved on in your careers celebrating birthdays and attending fellow colleagues marriages together

Cousins know you !! Friends know you even colleagues know you !! You even had a chance to travel together

And then for some reason another girl comes into the fray.. You got angry and got bitter

A lot of women advised you, you are too beautiful and too gorgeous to stay with him.. he doesn’t deserve you

It’s better you stay alone than let a man disrespect you like this..

You woke up forgetting the good times and angrily you left and that was it.. Men come flooding in, giving you all the attention you need..

Some even promises you they are different and then they married you, never cheated on you and never even argued with you, they honour the ground you step on but you now realise that they don’t have the money to spend on you and won’t even give you the least 10k.

For some they later discover these men are married and have kids while some they married the man but he starts using their own money to finance his lavish lifestyle

For others they realise the men are not at their peak of powers to satisfy them sexually and then others the men are not jovial but very toxic and judgemental and then you begin to wonder was loosing my marriage worth it after all??

I am not saying you shouldn’t divorce, do it but bear in mind that you are responsible for your own decisions and ensure you don’t ever get to the point where you regret it

Many years ago a post trended on Facebook where a woman said many women who left their marriages are regretting it but won’t say it !! Many people came against that post, what they didn’t understand is that the post didn’t say regret it now!! It says regret it meaning even if you regret it in the future you are amongst them

Do what makes you happy but ....

How do you vote?

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Not that all ladies think twice. Does a woman who fights his husband think twice.
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