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Love is just on first sight. It starts like being a friend and then to couples.
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Of a truth love cones by evidence take for instance whenever I love a lady whom I want to marry I must prove to her that I love her through the way I behave
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Effectivement un amour sans preuve n'est pas un amour.c'est les preuves d'amour qui rendent l'amour certaines
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Getting in love is not man med but it's Godly and everything attached to love is outomaticly understand when it comes to do it.
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True love is a gift from God and it is shared to make the other partner happy. Love can be seen, it comes with joy, pride and happiness. This explains the statement that "there is love in the air".
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When a person truly loves and care about you, you don't need to remind them of taking care of you because they'll willingly make time for you no matter how tight their issues might be.
When there's love, there's no excuse not to show it.

When you're not taken serious by a person, it means you're not the first on their list.

When you mean a lot to someone, there'll be evidence.

Nobody is too busy!
It's a matter of how important you mean to them.

Don't be deceived, Value brings about care...When a person doesn't care, its obvious that your value is not known.

Turn back and go to where you'll be celebrated, where someone will need more of you and stop hurting yourself. Have a fulfilled day

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